In the late ‘90s Logan Riese, a native of Southern California, was designing and selling rock ‘n’ roll-inspired silver jewelry at area music venues: The House of Blues and The Hard Rock Café. Riese who was constantly looking for the spark to ignite his next collection, consistently made the rounds of second-hand stores and flea markets. On one such journey, he found his next medium of choice—Exotic skins and leathers.

Finally, Logan was able to utilize his design ability and merge his fashion sense and passion for jewelry design together. Combining his elegant rock vibe into leather artistry, the possibilities were endless. 

Logan’s flair for construction and a desire to work with exceptional materials would take the exotic skins and leather design to the next level. Riese with his predilection for rock and roll inspired clothing would utilize his unique hand-crafted embellishments, these finishing touches would make all the difference. Calling upon his rebel roots, Riese knew he had found his passion as a fashion designer.

Logan, an art school grad, knew how to create jewelry, but he needed to learn the fundamentals of fashion design.  So he went out and bought a vintage sewing machine from the ‘40s and a few pairs of ‘60s era denim from a local thrift store. “I cut them apart, traced them on paper…placed the pattern and cut the leather. I sewed up my first pair of leather pants… and it was a prodigious experience.” Riese smilingly recalls, “ For my first designs I would go out, buy antique denim jeans, tear out the waistbands and then replace them with leather.” This was the beginning of Logan’s tour into the world of fashion design.

From scouring second-hand stores for usable pieces to re-purpose and inspire, Logan and his partner John Paul DeJoria, launched a brand that was not only the embodiment of the consummate rocker attitude, but also bears a unique, immediately recognizable signature. Soon Riese’s jackets, blazers, pants, shirts and accessories (including sneakers and guitar straps) started to sell faster then he could make them. It wasn’t long ‘til Hollywood came knocking. Logan’s leathers became the second-skin pants on Stacee Jaxx, portrayed by Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages…for the out-of-this-world costumes worn by Zoe Salana and Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek, Into Darkness 3D and for Matt Damon’s Behind the Candelabra suedes.

For years Riese’s custom-created, high-end leather fashion has had a unique vibe that musicians from metal to country—and every genre in between—tune into. Rock legend, longtime client and friend, Jon Bon Jovi is regularly photographed in his designs. (Riese was also the architect of Jon’s wardrobe for his Have a Nice Day world tour.) His jackets have been spotted on Megan Foxx, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, singer/style-setter, Lenny Kravitz and in several feature films like The Hunger Games Catching Fire and The Hangover Part III. To see some of Logan’s most recent designs, look no further than the current 2013 Bon Jovi tour.

Logan’s success is due not only to his famous fans, but also to the quality of materials, the design and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Each pelt is carefully selected based on the garment it will eventually become. The grain, the color and the condition of the leather are reviewed extensively before any work begins. Logan uses only the very best there is including exotics, such as: stingray, python and alligator. All the garments are produced in his studio where Riese oversees all aspects of construction—from cutting to ‘sculpting’ the intricate designs for which he is renowned, as well as all the luxurious finishes... and the placement of his hallmark “dripping” pockets.

Every designer has a trademark design and Logan Riese is no exception. His cuffs are slightly pointed in the back to elongate the arm. And, pocket placement has become an element of style that serves to highlight the artistry of the garment. Logan is also known for his inlay work—mixing hides and skins to create unique patterns highlighted by tight, uniform stitching throughout. The leather is strong and sturdy for jackets; soft and supple for leather shirts and pants. Each garment can be custom tailored per the client’s frame. They can also be created with a unique combination of mixed media; inclusive of leathers, colors, appliqués and more.

Logan Riese has been designing clothing with a rock star edge for over a decade. In that time not only has his collection expanded to include everything from watches and high-end car interiors to interior design for homes, so has his following. He has gone global with distribution in New York, London and Japan. His ‘by appointment only’ flagship Los Angeles boutique has a waiting list comprised of celebrities from the music industry and clients who simply appreciate the unique, cutting edge looks.

Riese’s success and star-studded following can be attributed to many factors. However, after seeing his collections, we’ve come to the conclusion that beauty is truly skin deep.